Senior Editor’s Foreword 




Finding Thanos in “Thanatology” and the Transformative Power of the Visual Arts

Jill A. Harrington

Part I:  

Historical Backgrounds: Grief, Loss and The Creation of Superheroes

Chapter 1:  The Rippling Effects of the Holocaust: The Jewish Influence on the Development of Superheroes. 

Howard R. Winokuer & Fred C. Fowler

Chapter 2: And Then Came Superman: Parallels with the Man of Steel and His Creators

Jill A. Harrington & Howard R. Winokuer 

Part II:  

Understanding Superhero Grief Through Post Modern Grief Theory 

Chapter 3:  Transformations in the Field of Grief and Bereavement: From Clark Kent to Beyond Kübler-Ross

Christiane Manzella

Chapter 4:  Loss and the Heroic Quest for Meaning: A Conversation with Robert A. Neimeyer 

Robert A. Neimeyer & Jill A. Harrington  

Chapter 5: Continuing Bonds Across the Universes: Superheroes and Enduring Connections.

Christopher Hall

Chapter 6: Understanding Grieving Styles: Batman on the Couch

Kenneth J. Doka & Terry L. Martin

Chapter 7: Bruce Wayne, Batman and Attachment-Informed Grief Work

Phyllis Kosminsky

Part III

Types of Grief: Brief Case Studies of Superheroes

Chapter 8: Deadpool and Anticipatory Grief

Cheryl Hogsten Dodson

Chapter 9: Superman and Secondary Losses

Belinda M. Gonzalez-Leon

Chapter 10: Magneto and Ambiguous Loss

Cori Bussolari 

Chapter 11: Batman and Masked Grief

Jon K. Reid

Chapter 12: Wonder Woman and Delayed Grief

Pamela A. Malone

Chapter 13: The Flash and Disenfranchised Grief

William Feigelman, Beverly Feigelman & Justin Colon

Chapter 14: Iron Man and Chronic Grief

Rebecca S. Morse & Jacob Halbert

Chapter 15: Avengers Infinity War and Endgame: Cumulative and Collective Grief 

Mark de St. Aubin

Part IV

Grief and Culture: Cultural Influence in the Superhero Universes 

Chapter 16: A Tale of Two Funerals: Funeral Rites, Rituals and Customs Across the Superhero Universes 

William G. Hoy

Chapter 17: Black Panther: Exploring Grief, Ancestral Connection and the Duty to Carry-On

Tashel C. Bordere & Marshall Allen

Part V

Grief and Family Systems: Superheroes and Relationship Types

Chapter 18: Observations on a Hero’s Response to Homicide

Laura Takacs & Edward Rynearson

Chapter 19: What Drax the Destroyer and Cable Help Us Understand About Grieving Fathers and Survivors of Familial Homicide 

Selin Santos & Louis A. Gamino

Chapter 20: Parents and Caregivers: The Everyday Heroes Behind Superheroes

Irwin Sandler & Donna Gafney

Chapter 21: Katana: Spousal Bereavement and Continuing Bonds

Kathleen R. Gilbert & Andy H.Y. Ho

Chapter 22: Sibling Grief and Complex Relationships: Thor and the Death of Loki

Rayna Vaught Godfrey

Part VI

Challenges in Bereavement: Facing Adversity 

Chapter 23: Deadpool 2 and Suicide After Bereavement: Lessons Learned from the Merc with a Mouth

Jill A. Harrington, Kim A. Ruocco & John R. Jordan

Chapter 24: Complicated Grief, Bruce Wayne and Batman: A Conversation with M. Katherine Shear

M. Katherine Shear & Jill A. Harrington

Chapter 25: Traumatic Loss and How the Flash Could Benefit from Restorative Retelling

Sharon Strouse

Part VII

Posttraumatic Growth, Superheroes and Personal Stories Addressing the Five Factors  

Chapter 26: Posttraumatic Growth, Superheroes, and the Bereaved

Melinda M. Moore 

Chapter 27: Relating to Others: In the Aftermath of Loss, I am STORM 

Toya Clebourn-Jacobs 

Chapter 28: New Possibilities in Life: Superman and Finding Hope after Loss

Gloria Horsley 

Chapter 29: Personal Strength: Combat Death, Love, Loss and the Emergence of the Wonder Woman Within

Malia Fry 

Chapter 30: Spiritual Growth After Loss:  Dr. Strange and My Spiritual Journey Amidst Profound Loss

Brendan Prout 

Chapter 31: Appreciation for Life: We Rise Like the Dark Knight 

Ashlynne Haycock & Weston Haycock 


Superheroes, Grief Leadership, Social Justice, and Advocacy 

Chapter 32: Grief Leadership: Examples from the Life and Service of Captain America 

James A. Martin, David F. Carey & Stephen J. Cozza

Chapter 33: Parental Grief and Activism: On Becoming Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man

Joyal Mulheron

Chapter 34:  X-Men: What They Teach Us about Oppression and Marginalization of the Bereaved

Erica Goldblatt Hyatt

Part IX

Superhero-based Strategies of Care: Interventions and Creative Approaches

Chapter 35: Avengers Endgame: What It Can Teach Us about Individuals and Families Facing the End-of-Life

Lisa Holland Downs

Chapter 36: Childhood Grief and the Healing Power of Superheroes

Donna Gaffney

Chapter 37: Using Superheroes in Grief Counseling with Children and Adolescents

Rachel A. Kentor & Julie B. Kaplow

Chapter 38: The Superpower of the Expressive Arts

Rebekah Near & Barbara E. Thompson

Chapter 39: Grief and the Masks We Wear: Secret Identities are Not Only for Superheroes

Sharon Strouse and Sarah Vollmann

Chapter 40: Art Therapy Superhero Dolls: Totems of Strength and Remembrance

Sarah Vollmann

Chapter 41: Mindfulness as Your Grief Superpower

Heather Stang

Part X


Chapter 42: Finding Super Heroes All Around Us

Jill A. Harrington

Superhero Grief: The Transformative Power of Loss