Nominated by: Earla Legault Jordon Ferber, NYC comedian, Where’s the Grief podcaster, and The Compassionate Friends siblings peer support grief group leader. Hearing him share how to help ourselves while we grieve, has made him my hero. He is empathetic, real and shaped the way I view the stories I share – ‘tell me how your loved

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Jordan Ferber

Nominated by: Patti Anewalt, PhD, Pennsylvania Professor Sydney Engelberg allows mothers to bring their children to his master’s lectures, even allowing them to breast feed. He is committed to ensuring that motherhood never interferes with the ability to get an education. A father and grandfather himself, when a child started to cry he picked the toddler

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Professor Sydney Engelberg

David Sylvester’s mission is to bring kindness and compassion to the world after a devastating loss in his life.

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Big Dave: An Inspiration Giving Out Free Hugs and High Fives