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Jill A. Harrington, DSW, LCSW

Jill A. Harrington, DSW, LCSW is an Adjunct Professor for the Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Washington DC Campus as well as a Part-Time Lecturer for Rutgers University School of Social Work.  Dr. Harrington also maintains an active clinical counseling practice in the Greater Washington DC Area.  She earned her Doctorate in Social Work from The University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy & Practice, Philadelphia, PA and is one of the first published authors on the subject of bereavement in U.S. military families. She has been a practicing social worker for over twenty years and has had a special focus on trauma, loss and bereavement.  Dr. Harrington is a former Senior Director of Field Research for Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress (CSTS), Bethesda, Maryland and has been a consultant to Columbia University Center for Complicated Grief.  Dr. Harrington is active on many national and international committees and working groups, addressing bereavement, clinical practice and grief awareness and education.  She is a member of The National Association of Social Workers, The American Association of Suicidology as well as a former Board Member (2011-2014) for the Association for Death Education & Counseling and currently serves as the Chair of the Conference Committee, Concurrent Program.  In her career, she has published numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters.  She is the creator and lead editor of the new, creative textbook, entitled, Superhero Grief: The Transformative Power of Loss (2021), published by Routledge.

Email: drjillharrington@gmail.com

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Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD

Robert A. Neimeyer, PhD, is Professor Emeritus of the Department of Psychology, University of Memphis, and maintains an active consulting and coaching practice. He also directs the Portland Institute for Loss and Transition, which provides training internationally in grief therapy. Since completing his doctoral training at the University of Nebraska in 1982, he has conducted extensive research on the topics of death, grief, loss, and suicide intervention.  

Neimeyer has published 30 books, including Techniques of Grief Therapy:  Assessment and Intervention and Grief and the Expressive Arts:  Practices for Creating Meaning, the latter with Barbara Thompson. The author of over 500 articles and book chapters, he is currently working to advance a more adequate theory of grieving as a meaning-making process, both in his published work and through his frequent professional workshops for national and international audiences.

Neimeyer is the Editor of the respected international journal, Death Studies, and served as President of the Association for Death Education and Counseling. In recognition of his scholarly contributions, he has been granted the Distinguished Research Award, the Distinguished Teaching Award, and the Eminent Faculty Award by the University of Memphis, elected Chair of the International Work Group on Death, Dying, and Bereavement, and given the Research Recognition, Clinical Practice and Lifetime Achievement Awards by the Association for Death Education and Counseling. Most recently, he has received the Phoenix Award:  Rising to the Service of Humanity from the MISS Foundation, been given ADEC’s Lifetime Achievement Award, and been recognized as an Honored Associate of the Viktor Frankl Association for his lifetime contributions to the study of meaning.

Email: neimeyer@portlandinstitute.org

Superhero Grief: The Transformative Power of Loss